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Rhythms of the World
Heat is pouring down over Rio
Children playing - laughing
But thereís no peace on these dirty streets
Bullets cut the air in the distance
The vibrations rising
No harmony in this melody weíre living

Brothers - sisters
We canít resist our connection
We have the power to decide

Hearing the rhythms of the world
Hearts beating strong like drums in the night
Canít you feel the pulse
Whatís the frequency to unite our circles

Walk past the hypnotized staring through me
Strangers building islands
Of indifference - intolerance
People buy and sell it but hell is not fashion
Now the sand is falling
To rearrange this world noise into music

Brothers - sisters
We canít resist our connection
Emancipate yourself

Feeling the rhythms of the world
Hearts beating strong like drums in the night
Canít you feel the pulse
Whatís the frequency to unite our circles

The creature of wings sits poised
One wing against the darkness
One wing hovering
On a droplet-laden green
Evened ever so
As the dance of light plays
On the tiny half-spheres
On the wings spread so far
And on the veins of the green
She is resting in joy
Holding all she needs
Without knowing she is needing anything at all

Ah que Saudade díoce (English Translation)
If by chance one morning
A hummingbird invites you
From the window of your bedroom
Gives you a kiss and flies on
That was me sending you a kiss just to kill my desire
Havenít seen you for so long
Oh - How Iíve missed you

If one day you remember
Write a letter to me
Quickly put it in the mail
Sending phrases like this...

Havenít seen you for so long
I want to kill my desire
I send you all my love
Oh - How Iíve missed you
I know you canít stop dreaming of the times we had
My work took me away
And you fell in tears
Now Iím crying on the road
But what can I do
This is my destiny
Still my heart beats for you

Call the dogs cause itís freezing cold
Lay your weapons down - no more trees to hold
From the canvas hangs a thread
Let it fall away
Tell the girls where the rabbit sleeps
How to peel the truth not to eat their dreams
Tatianaís dancing with the dizzy fish
Drowning secrets away

Naked when we crawl
Daddyís beautiful angel
Naked when we fall
We unravel to the ground
Nua a flor da pele (naked in the skins flower)
Nua na alma (naked in the soul)
Naked - nua (naked)

Wake the virgins before they come undone
Let your pearl shine in the deep ocean
All the boys are turning upside down to know
What the girls just wash away
Catch the beast and then set it free
Just to kill your pretty hate machine
Voices echo from the winds of change
Blowing the nonsense away

Naio Naio
Black on the Serengeti... worlds away
Night in the dizzy city... life removed from grace
A lion - eyes caught in the zoom
A blind man chasing his own tail

The restless cries we hear
The animal we fear
Lives inside the mirror
Na na na Naio - Na na na Naio

Paralyzed in a generation landslide
Hands throwing fate like a boomerang
Feeding on the earth
Counting souls of trees that hit the ground
As ivory towers pierce the sky
A whisper - beating from the ground
In the desert we dance no more

The restless cries we hear
The animal we fear
Lives inside the mirror
Na na na Naio - Na na na Naio

I want to feel you like water
Eternal chameleon
Be like the mirror of all reflection
Respond like an echo

Leave a picture of the abstract
Erase yourself from sight
A mystery on the horizon
Be like the sky - the air - the light
And the rains fall...

Cries on bodies like a trance
Fills the shadows - plays and dance
Sometimes serious sometimes the rouge
So the river flows...

That rolls stones - that wakes the branch
That washes flowers - cleans the soul
Never stops moving - forever flowing
You are the waterfall...

Impetuous - foaming at the mouth
Majestic at the hollow cave
Becoming deeper than love
Powerís coming!

Ponta de Areia
Ponta de areia, ponto final
Da Bahia ŗ Minas, estrada natural
Que ligava Minas ao porto, ao mar
Caminhos de ferro mandaram arrancar

Velho maquinista n„o canta mais
Para moÁas, flores, janelas e quintais
Na praÁa vazia, um grito, um ai
Casas esquecidas, viķvas nos portais

Dolphins in the Blue Mist (Portuguese)
Voz que vem trazer nessa canÁ„o
LŠ da azul imensid„o
Um segredo que ť delŪcia
O que se deve fazer
Pra se namorar no mar

English Translation
A voice that comes to bring you this song
From the blue immensity
A secret that is delicious
What you have to do
To make love in the ocean

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
I look at you all see the love there thatís sleeping
Still my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping
Still my guitar gently weeps

I donít know why nobody told you
How to unfold your love
I donít know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you

I look at the world and I notice itís turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps

I donít know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I donít know how you were inverted
No one alerted you

Flowing... Into Formlessness
Two hearts -- One pulse
Washing over our island
Waves of delicate rhythms

Two bodies -- One soul
Rise above the paralyzed
A phoenix from the ash

Two minds -- Many thoughts
Growing together each day
Dance in our sacred garden

Two mouths -- No words
Flowing into formlessness
Proud in our silent knowing

Two worlds -- One truth
Fading into a sweet dream
Surrender to our mystery

My breasts -- Your hands
Caressing my inner child
Feel this eternal connection

One life -- One faith
Healing our blind consciousness
Naked in the rain of power

Lines Erasing
Flowing into formlessness
Time falling into circles

Your staff -- My wings
Melt the walls inside me
We come together forever...

~BaCk to MaiN PaGe~