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About Inu-Yasha:

Written with the ideographic kanji characters for "night" and "witch," in Japanese, yasha is typically the word for a "demon" or "devil," while inu refers to a distinctly less ominous-sounding creature, Canis familiaris, as in the common, domesticated pet. A construct of creator Rumiko Takahashi's endlessly creative imagination, Inu-Yasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale is inspired by long centuries of Buddhist tradition and Japanese folklore. In fact, one of the reasons we decided to release the title as "Inu-Yasha" (rather than as, say, the more prosaic "Dog-Demon") is due to our intention to hew more closely to the cultural elements which give manga or Japanese comics their uniqueness. Jumping back in time from modern-day to sengoku jidai or "warring-states period" Japan, the story of Inu-Yasha is clearly unlike any of Takahashi's previous "big" series (Urusei Yatsura, Maison Iku, Ranma½), but as for how different...well, due to the fact that the series is being published in the U.S. nearly simultaneously with Japan, that's something we'll just have to keep reading to find out.

<~~Text taken from the inside cover of Inu-Yasha number one..


Inu Yasha ::Inu Yasha:: A half-youkai (demon), he was killed by Kikyou (well more like he was quieted) only to be awakened by Kagome 50 years later. Controlled by the magical necklace around his neck, Inu Yasha helps Kagome search for the pieces of the Shiko no Tama. He's a rather gruff, verbal person who appears to be indifferent to the people he travels with. But as the story unfolds it seems that there's more to this youkai than it would seem.

Kagome ::Kagome:: A teenage girl from modern day Tokyo. She fell into a well at her home and found herself transported to ancient Japan. There she discovers that she is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyou and carries the Shiko no Tama. Unfortunatly there was a little accident and it kinda broke. So she travels between her two worlds with Inu Yasha and others gathering the pieces before they fall into evil hands. She's a typical teenager who worries about doing well in school. She's naturally kind-hearted, if not short-fused.

Kikyou ::Kikyou:: As a priestess she guarded her village in ancient Japan from evil. She was the holder of the powerful jewel, Shiko no Tama. But she became fatally wounded in a battle. Yet before she died, she shot Inu Yasha with an enchanted arrow, effectivly 'killing' him. After she died, the Shiko no Tama was cremated with her body.

Kaede ::Kaede:: The little sister of Kikyou. Fifty years after her sister's death, she discovers a strange girl who looks remarkably like her sister. Throughout the series, Kaede assists Kagome with her search offering both her knowledge and advice.

Sesshoumaru ::Sesshoumaru:: He's not really a 'main' character, his first appearance is in the second volume, so he doesn't show up too late. He's Inu Yasha's brother, (technically he'd be his half-brother since they have different mothers) Unlike Inuyasha, he's a full-blooded youkai. He's not very nice youkai. But oh well, every family tree has a bad apple.

::Sota:: Kagome's little brother.

::Buyo:: Kagome's pet cat.

Human Inu-Yasha

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