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Call the dogs cause it’s freezing cold
Lay your weapons down - no more trees to hold
From the canvas hangs a thread
Let it fall away
Tell the girls where the rabbit sleeps
How to peel the truth not to eat their dreams
Tatiana’s dancing with the dizzy fish
Drowning secrets away

Naked when we crawl
Daddy’s beautiful angel
Naked when we fall
We unravel to the ground
Nua a flor da pele (naked in the skins flower)
Nua na alma (naked in the soul)
Naked - nua (naked)

Wake the virgins before they come undone
Let your pearl shine in the deep ocean
All the boys are turning upside down to know
What the girls just wash away
Catch the beast and then set it free
Just to kill your pretty hate machine
Voices echo from the winds of change
Blowing the nonsense away