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"this is who i am, what I do, and what i say. if you like it, let it be. if you don't, please do the same" --ani difranco

Basic Type Junk:

::NaMe:: oº°'´¨`·.·* -»¦«- *·.·´¨ `'°ºpRiYaNkA°'´¨`·.·* -»¦«- *·.·´¨ `'°ºo

::aKa:: lottsa people call me priya or just pri..i'll answer to any one of 'em.

::BiRtHdAy:: nOvEmBeR 26th, 1984...yea i'm young..i know that all too well.

::SiGn:: SaGiTtArIuS..the archer

::eLeMeNt:: fire

::PoB:: some hospital in *AnDrE PrEDeSh, InDiA*

::NaTiOnaLiTy:: i'ma ~DeSigYrL~

::cUrReNt ReSiDeNcE:: east side..DC area

::sChOoL:: the ghetto ass escuela..*KeNnEdY*

::LaNgUaGeS sPoKeN:: lets best is english, telugu would be my mother tongue but i only understand it and speak some bits, country's lingo..i never learned but i get some of it, what else..and español of 3rd year begins after summer

::ReLiGiOn:: † <~~ I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me... ~~> †


what the heck do i look like:

::Height:: 5'...yea, i'ma shorty..i know that all too well too..i don't wish to be any taller though..i actually like my height unlike most people who just HAV to be taller..

::eYe color:: for the most part dark brown..pretty much black..i'm getting gray contacts though

::Hair color:: jet than black..i'm not tryin to dye it either cuz black's my favorite color

my favorites shyt:

::MuSiC:: i listen to everything..from BSB to Rob Zombie and from 112 to Orgy..i'm also big on multi-cultural music too

::Manga:: Inu-Yasha..better be made an anime soon!

::Song:: "Chaiyya Chaiyya" --Dil Se

::Movie:: Dil Se, The Godfather 1, Matrix

::CoLoR:: i luv deep colors..ranging from purples to blues to black..white is also pure but not exactly a color

::Book:: anyone Tamora Pierce..Song of the Lioness quartet was the best though

::Anime:: Ranma 1/2

::T.V. Show:: Daria! also, Real World and Road Rules..well all know you can't say "no" to Yes..inside joke

::Quote:: "i don't hav low self-esteen..i hav low esteem for everyone else" --Daria

::IcE cReAm flava:: JaVa..from Starbucks Coffee..yummy!!

Sayings: oh...okay, damn, bama

::Drink:: alcoholic stuff..j/k..water mostly, coffee w. caffiene, and indian tea..i HATE sodas..yuck

::Pokémon:: who can't luv pikachu?! ^_^ ain't he adorable...Pikachu

~BaCk to MaiN PaGe~