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Black Rose

Hey people, welcome to ::Priya's Palace::

I hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions comments, hatemail, whatever, at Thanks all. I do love comments. Enjoy the site.

::Egocentria:: what u wanna know bout moi would be here

::Dil Se:: everyone knows how much i love this movie so here's my lil dedication page for it

::Inu-Yasha:: a page for my favorite manga by Takahashi Rumiko

::I Love You:: how do YOU say i love you? not very colorful yet but i'm workin on it

::Lyrics:: from the Chameleon, Badi Assad..songs that touch the soul

::No FOBs:: indian remix of "No Scrubs"...too funny..check it out

::Quotes:: from the mouths of oddities..coming soon!

::Bollywood Links:: some really great bollywood sites with all the info you need

Express Bollywood
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